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Nolan W. McCants

Nolan W. McCants

These upscale designer garments feel great, look great and feature the global photographs of award winning fine art photographer Nolan W. McCants. Nolan is a Chicago-based photographer who travels around the world capturing elusive details, candid moments with a fresh eye for color, texture, perspective & depth.

Well traveled, Nolan has immersed himself in diverse cultures throughout the world. His inquisitive nature and insatiable desire to touch and be touched by ethnicity, customs and culture motivates his inspiring photography. His images stir imagination and emotions, while uncovering rich cultural treasures. His gifted “eye for the exceptional in the ordinary” captures the uniqueness of life, bringing observers of his art into the intimacy of the moment.

Nolan Photos Collectable Tees are interesting, colorful and provocative. They are wearable art created to be a unique fashion statement and another way to enjoy Nolan’s powerful images. Each garment is produced using the finest textiles and incorporate distinctive design elements, all of which are hand selected by Nolan himself. Their release is anticipated and is growing in popularity prompting many to collect them all.